Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get your Kicks on Route 6d6

Hey, everybody. If you can’t tell by the title graphic above, here’s another update on OVA’s eventual Kickstarter.

If you follow the forums on RPG.net, you may have come across a thread where I have been discussing the final pledge tiers. For those of you who don’t — or simply missed the exchange — I’m including it here:

$15. A copy of the PDF, as well as an advance look at the game before its public release.
$30. The above, and a copy of the full-color printed book.
$50. The above, and your name printed as a patron in the book. You will also have access to a special playtest forum with the opportunity to have your voice heard and help shape the final product.
$75. The above, except your full-color book is upgraded to one of one-hundred limited box sets, each numbered and including: A copy of the printed book, your name listed as a patron, Quick-Start Player Books, a pack of character sheets, a set of trading cards, and a set of dice.
$100 The above, and a special hand-crafted OVA Dice Bag by Dragon Chow Dice Bags.
$250 The above, and a custom character sheet featuring an illustration of your character by the official OVA artist. 

Since that thread, I’ve been researching the cost of the various pledge premiums, and I've found it’s very difficult to get a box produced in any quantity less than 500, and even then it’s almost as cost-effective to get 1000. I have found an option at Superior PoD with very reasonable rates for small numbers, but the box itself looks a little flimsy. Here, take a look.

The print quality looks great, and the build seems well put together with sharp corners. It’s something I wouldn’t bat an eye at if it were simply a container to hold a bunch of goodies. But my goal was to evoke the RPGs of yesteryear, and this isn't the thick cardboard heavy-duty box you may be used to. It's more like the boxes they use for "Collector's Edition" video games.

So what do you guys think? Would you still consider a box like this a decent collectable for high-pledge tiers? Or should I revise my pledge tiers and try something else entirely?


  1. Mm, tough call here. I do fancy boxed sets, but on the other hand that particular box in the video does seem a bit too flimsy to survive.

    Is there a middle of the road anywhere, I wonder? The box for my Swords and Wizardry White Box release is heavier than what's in the video, I believe, without being as dense as the old-time boxes.

    I'm not being very helpful, alas D:

  2. That box actually reminded me of the old Atari 2600 or NES game boxes. It doesn't look like it's particularly designed to survive......

    That said, I'm very tempted by the highest suggested donation level--I have a character I'd really like to see illustrated by someone much better at it than I am. Actually affording it is another matter altogether......

  3. The box in the video does look a bit flimsy. Have you seen the Lamentations of the Flame Princess box? It folds in on itself much like a pizza box so doesn't need any glueing or taping. I'd certainly like a boxed set and this might be a cheaper way to do it.

  4. Thanks for the box suggestions, guys. The problem isn't that there are not affordable box options – even the premium "board game style" box can be affordable – but that they're not affordable when printing in the low hundreds. I fear I may have to drop the box entirely as a pledge premium and replace it, perhaps, with a hardcover version or some such. Maybe the box could be revived as a stretch goal? (For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter trends, after a project has been funded, the creator will often create additional goals to make an even better product when met.)

  5. I tried to post on the rpg.net tread but am unable to for some reason. the one thing if it's possiable i'd really like to see is the print copies and the hardcovers if you decide to go that way to be signed

  6. So... any news on when the kickstarter will go up?

  7. With the way I keep up with things, I am so going to miss out on one of those boxes if there are only a hundred.

    I'd be happy with a flimsy box, honestly. I'll take good care of it, especially if it's pretty. Make it nice-looking when (carefully) pulled apart and unfolded and it might not make a terrible poster, up on my wall somewhere near the cityscape of similarly dismantled Ravnica fat packs. Depending on how they're put together, they make nice little GM screens too. Heck, there are lots of interesting things to do with boxes when you think outside of them. (*rimshot*)

    If you're looking for something that we can keep that stuff in, though, then I don't think that's going to do it.

    I'd still give you my money for a hardcover version, though.

  8. Matt: Sorry you had trouble at RPG.net, but posting here is just fine. :) I've thought about a signed copy tier on and off, but so far was leaning towards not. How much would a signature be worth to you on top of whatever the base price for the book/box/hardcover would be?

    Grimmy: I'm still hoping for late August. At worst September.

    Daphne: Things are still open to change, but since the traditional box is not really possible, I'm currently thinking of a "flimsy" box with a hardcover version of the book, a dice bag, and some other miscellaneous extras. I may not stick to the hard 100 count since they'll be a little easier to produce...but we'll see!