Friday, September 27, 2013

Kickstarter Roundup 09-27-13

Where-in I pick through Kickstarter for the projects that most catch my fancy.

Battle Merchants

WHAT IT IS: A board game of weapon-selling economics set in a distant fantasy land. Where others see war and turmoil, you see profits, profits, profits!

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: I love Euro games. I think the entire movement is bringing validity to tabletop gaming with its well-honed mechanics and involving gameplay. But let's be honest; a great deal of them have rather dry themes about this Pacific isle or that historical era—or some combination of the two. But Battle Merchants, with its colorful art and explicit fantasy themes of elves, dwarves, orcs, and hobgoblins, is a fun take on money-management.

WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: $48-58 Battle Master. This gets you a copy of the game at almost $10 off retail. But if you really like the art, there’s several pledges offering the artist’s original sketches that are pretty neat!

RELEVANT LINKS: @MinionGames | | Minion Games on Facebook

Mighty No. 9

WHAT IT IS: It's Mega Man by the creator of Mega Man with many of the developmental talents of past Mega Mans...but it's not Mega Man.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: With Capcom disappointing fans by repeatedly leaving poor Mega Man by the wayside in recent years, Mighty No. 9 is both an indulgent return-to-form and an excuse to revitalize the age-old Mega Man formula with some fresh ideas. Well, some fresh ideas...the fact that main characters Beck, Call, and Dr. White are about as dissimilar from Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light as a rock and a stone isn't lost on me.

WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: $60. Your name in the credits (and an OFFICIAL MIGHTY NUMBER), A copy of the game, its soundtrack, plus a retro-inspired physical gamebox and manual. Higher tiers include an artbook/strategy guide and various get your ______ in the game rewards, as well as dinner with the man Keiji Inafune.

RELEVANT LINKS: @MightyNo9 | Mighty No. 9 Facebook

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

WHAT IT IS: A new HD sequel to the well-loved Shantae series, featuring a brand-new style on top of classic bellydancing, hair-whipping action.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Way Forward mostly does contract work for various companies and their licenses, but when they manage to save enough, the work they do for themselves tends to be pretty special. Mighty Switch Force, Sigma Star Saga, and of course Shantae prove an excellent pedigree for gaming. Now with Kickstarter, we won't have to wait another decade for a proper sequel.

WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: $75 STANDARD EDITION. Your name in the credits, a copy of the game, a physical version of the soundtrack, and various digital bonuses like an artbook and an extra transformation for Shantae. Higher levels include a hardcover artbook, your face/art in the game, invitation to a wrap-party, and a rather high-priced package including the original (very rare) Shantae for Gameboy Color.

RELEVANT LINKS:  @wayforward |

Atama-ii: Multiple Path Stories in Easy English

WHAT IT IS: A new take on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series as full-color illustrated eBooks.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because CYOA are awesome, especially for your favorite young-reader. And while the reading level of these books is very easy, the content is not trite or boring, with tales of trips to mars, life as an immortal across the milennia, or—yes—zombies…in Tokyo! With great illustrations and a writing staff partially culled from previous CYOA efforts, it looks like a great try at reviving this unique brand of storytelling.

WHAT YOU SHOULD GET:  $20…or do you choose another pledge level? Turn to page 12! Includes all 10 eBooks in iBook or Kindle format. Higher levels include signed prints, limited edition hardcover copies, cameos, or even the power to direct your own book in the series.


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